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Biz on Hold is an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for our clients. If you’re interested in working with us, please call or send us a message!
Telephone Message on Hold


STILL giving your customers the SILENT TREATMENT?

Telephone Message On-Hold is the most cost effective advertising available.  The average hold time is 40 to 60 seconds which is the same as a radio commercial. Within this timeframe, you can tell your customers exactly what you want them to know about your business.  Professionally recorded on hold productions from Biz on Hold are well written, interesting, entertaining and informative.  Our goal is to keep your customer on the phone and give them information while in the process.  Your message on hold production from Biz on Hold addresses your target market and increases customer awareness by 100%, reinforcing your outside marketing efforts and letting your callers know about your specials, new products, awards, location, etc.


Don't take chances by playing the radio over  your phone lines!  That not lonly allows your competitors to advertise to YOUR cutomers - it also can set you up for fines if you do not have a license.


Reduce caller hang-ups and stop givng your customers the "silent treatment" with help from Biz on Hold!

Voicemail - IVR - Auto Attendant Greetings

From Biz on Hold


DIRECT your customers to the right place!


Voicemail remains a large frustration in this busy business world. And it’s not just voicemail. The automated attendant is also on the list. In an effort to help reduce voicemail frustration, Biz on Hold aims to help you direct your customers to the correct location in your business to get the response as quickly as possible.  The first voice you hear when you call a company sets the mood, sets the tone for all future interactions.  Why would you want a robotic, monotone, dull voice to greet your callers?  We have options for you. A great upbeat voice will help you keep your customers interested and on the line.  Point being…you want a voice that says, “Hey, we’re so glad you called.” You want a greeting that is warm and friendly and Biz on Hold can provide just that!  

Biz on Hold Web Audio & Narration


Create a Sound Image for your company.


Let Biz on Hold help you with all of your audio needs including web audio production and narration so that you not only look good but sound professional for your customers, as well.  Biz on Hold has the talent to produce audio that will sell to your customers.  Our audio engineers can build a robust audio production to create amazing soundscapes for your customers to enjoy.  No project is too large or too small for Biz on Hold! 

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