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On Hold Marketing Strategy & Script Ideas

From Biz on Hold

  1. Basic Information about your Business to include website, location, office hours.  Give the customer the information they are looking for while on Hold. 

  2. Branding Information - Use a new slogan or tag line from print or other advertising so that your customers recognize your Brand.  This is the time to shape your customers' perception about your company.  How long have you been in business or how you are the "expert" in a particular field?

  3. Product Benefits - Tell your customer why you are different from your competitors - give specifics about  your products.

  4. Upsell or use Impulse buying to your advantage while your customer waits on hold.  This might be the time to sell an addiitonal product or add to an existing order for repeat customers.

  5. New products, services or promotions - Tell about upcoming sales or events or new items that you have available.  Give examples of new services or even new employees, if applicalble.  

  6. Testimonials - Let others sing your praises!   

  7. Community service events - Tell about your company's involvement in special events in the community.

  8. Calm the customer while awaiting a "live Person."  Give them information about return policies or product recalls.  



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